To become a resident please contact the Clerk, Helen Carter or download application form and GP authorisation form and return with a covering letter saying why you want to apply and your housing needs.

Application Form  GP Authorisation

To be considered, you will: -
►Have lived in the Borough or City of Chelmsford for at least three years immediately prior to applying.
Be between the ages of 60 and 79 (from 55 for flats).
Be able to demonstrate your particular housing need to the satisfaction of the Board of Trustees.

Please note that pets cannot be accommodated at the Homes.


The Homes are an Almshouse Charity registered with the Charity Commission.
 Registered Charity number 220807.
 Broomfield Road Chelmsford CM1 1RL

Contact Us

The Clerk to the Trustees
Helen Carter
Tel: 0751 4633 461